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Twitter’s new Conversation Settings allow you to choose who can reply to your tweets. In other words, you decide who is part of the conversation and can avoid unnecessary interruptions. When it comes to unwanted interruptions there's no one better to explain the new feature than Robert Kelly, the professor who became a global hit in 2017 when his two children gatecrashed a live interview he was doing.
In the film, while he is explaining this new Twitter tool, his children enter the room just as it happened the first time round. Suddenly, more and more characters do the same, representing the kind of interruptions that your tweet can suffer from: the disruptive ones, the trolls, those who think they are smarter than anyone and even fake accounts.
Case Study

There's no one better than Robert Kelly, the BBC Dad, to explain Twitter’s new Conversation Settings.

Robert Kelly wants to show you how to stay focused and avoid distractions.
It struck a chord with the online community.