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In 2015, we launched Anagram Stories: a series of narratives starred by characters whose lives were connected to each other through anagrams. From love stories, to unexpected friendships, the campaign was formed by a main digital film and complemented with 3 print ads.
That same year, we launched Scrabble Christmas’ ad using a different kind of anagram: the antigrams. The spot tells the story of a broken family that starts reconnecting after the arrival of its newest integrant: an adopted stray dog.
Anagram Lovers film
Print execution 1/3

A series of captivating stories entirely made of anagrams.

Print execution 2/3
This whimsical new Scrabble ad is the perfect love story for word nerds.
TIME Magazine —
Print execution 3/3
Mattel’s new Scrabble ad wonderfully demonstrate there’s magic in words.
Forbes —
Film frames

Scrabble Christmas advert leaves moved viewers lost for words.
The Sun —
Christmas Antigrams Film